General Booking Info

I book two months at a time. When I open my books and the inquiries come in, I will book consultations that month for tattoos starting the following months. I require a $100 non-refundable deposit at the consultation to hold your appointment slot. I close my books between booking periods to make myself more available to clients that currently have appointments. If you already have an appointment, feel free to email or call the shop if needed, otherwise I ask that all new inquiries please wait for the next booking period. I will always post updates and info on my instagram page (@tonistirling) and through my email list (sign up here).

Flash Days

I am very interested in hosting more flash days. I always have lots of ideas and would love to tattoo them. I will plan to do one flash day a month when the schedule allows. If I have cancellations, I will typically offer up flash to fill that spot. That will all be announced through instagram. I do book those really fast, so keep your peepers out! @tonistirling


Booking Is Closed

Booking is currently closed, if you would like to get emails when booking opens, please enter your email.