General Booking Info

I try to book a few months at time to make myself fully available to those clients during that booking period. When I open my books, I send an email to my email list first, then announce it on Instagram. I will look through proposals and book consultations for all those that I can accommodate during that booking period. Anyone that does not receive an email, please submit a new proposal the next time around! I like to take projects large and small and need a variation in my schedule to keep from burn out. If I do not choose your idea, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I just might have too many proposals for that booking period.

I require a $100-$500 non-refundable deposit at the consultation to hold your appointment slot. I close my books between booking periods to make myself more available to clients that currently have appointments. If you already have an appointment, feel free to email or call the shop if needed, otherwise I ask that all new inquiries please wait for the next booking period. I will always post updates and info on my instagram page (@tonistirling) and through my email list (sign up here).


How to Fill out a Proposal

When the booking period opens, there will be a link on my home page. Please be thorough in your description. If there is not enough information or just “whatever you want” then I tend to skip over those proposals and move onto the ones with a bit more description. If you are really open, thats totally fine, I just need a little information. Instead of “floral sleeve” please elaborate “floral sleeve with forest elements like mushrooms and critters etc.” It at least gives me an idea of the direction you would like to go in. If you aren’t totally clear and just want a tattoo, thats fine too, I do always offer flash when booking. That is a great way to collect some art!

If you are looking to add to an existing sleeve or piece, please attach images so I get a general sense of what you are looking to fill.

It is always helpful to describe the size and placement of the piece you are looking for as well. If you don’t know how to describe the size or placement, attach a photo of either a tattoo in a similar placement that you like, or you can get creative and send in a photo of yourself with the spot circled so I can get an idea of about how long it will take etc.

Flash Days

I am very interested in hosting more flash days. I always have lots of ideas and would love to tattoo them. I will plan to do one flash day a month when the schedule allows. If I have cancellations, I will typically offer up flash to fill that spot. That will all be announced through instagram. I do book those really fast, so keep your peepers out! @tonistirling


Booking Is Closed

Booking is currently closed, if you would like to get emails when booking opens, please enter your email.