Toni Stirling is an artist and tattooer based in Sonoma County, Ca. Creating art from an early age, she always knew that she had to do something based in the arts. She took every art class available to her and was always thinking outside of the box, drawing inspiration from nature, textures, and nostalgia. In college, she was drawn immediately to printmaking with its use of line and detail. She was interested in tattooing since she was 17 and one day decided life was too short and just went for it. Her mentor, Jen Untalan, owner of Valkyrie Tattoo, gave her a chance, and now they are like family. Toni’s tattoos often display the use of line and themes of flora and fauna, sometimes with a bit of boldness. She likes to fit the flow of the body with each piece making it look like it always belonged there. You can find her at Valkyrie Tattoo in Penngrove, Ca.